We believe in communication beyond seeing and hearing

Your devices vibrate to call your attention. But imagine if the vibration contained the message itself and your brain could interpret it subconsciously.

Your new sense

Our technology

xBand sends events from your phone as vibration patterns on your wrist (Morse code). You will quickly learn to interpret them. Leaving your ears, eyes, hands and attention to more important tasks.

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Visual impairments

xBand helps you stay connected, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. You can discreetly read text messages or check the time without using a Braille display or blocking your ears with headphones. With xBand, you can keep your focus on what's going on around you, instead of on your phone.

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Experience a new sense

Hack your brain

The brain is not prewired for our existing senses. We can create new ones.

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