The wristband that communicates through vibrations.

About xBand

Imagine a device that lets you receive information from your phone, without having to pick it up or listen to it. xBand can not only notify you when you receive a new text message, it can give you the content of the message. It can also tell you what time it is, remind you of important events and be used as an interval timer. All this through vibrations, without making a noise or demanding your visual or auditory attention.

Simply connect the wristband to your phone via Bluetooth. When a notification arrives on your phone, xBand translates the content of the notification into vibration patterns directly on your wrist. You decide how much of the notification content you want to receive and soon, you'll intuitively recognize the rhythm of different types of notifications, much like identifying the opening notes of a familiar song on the radio.

With the press of a button you can get the current time vibrated on your wrist, or you can let xBand automatically tell you the time at regular intervals. You can also set up repeatable alarms and timers with custom vibration patterns, to get discrete and non-distracting reminders of important tasks or events.

Additionally, xBand offers many customization options, allowing you to customize the vibration patterns and create abbreviations for common words or phrases. You can even read entire text messages using Morse code, which, with some practice, will feel as intuitive as reading written text.

Plus, xBand allows you to write text messages in Morse code. The app includes a Morse learning module to help you master this feature, enabling efficient communication without needing a screen or audio. On Android, you can send the text message directly from xBand without picking up your phone. On iOS you can write the message on xBand but you have to press a button on your phone to send it (this is due to Apple restrictions and we are working on a better solution).

Unlike traditional smartwatches, xBand utilizes two advanced vibration motors that offer both high speed and precision. This unique feature enables easy recognition of detailed vibration patterns even at high speeds, allowing you to effortlessly receive information without using sight or hearing.

If you’re curious about how the different features of xBand work, check out our guides.

Do you want to try xBand before you buy?

We offer a 30-day return policy. During this period you can open the package and test xBand. As long as the product is in the same condition that you received it, and in its original packaging you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method. You are however responsible for the cost of return shipping.

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Who can benefit from xBand?

Our technology serves diverse needs by minimizing reliance on vision and hearing when communicating with a mobile phone. This can especially benefit individuals with blindness or visual impairments by enabling communication in situations where current assistive technologies fall short. In many situations Braille displays are too bulky. Screen readers and voice commands works best in quiet settings and also risk revealing private information. Additionally, they demand auditory attention, limiting interaction with surroundings. xBand doesn't fully replace these technologies, but it can significantly enhances the ability to stay connected in diverse settings, from walks and workouts to meetings and concerts.

We are committed to ensuring that our technology and app are as accessible as possible. To accomplish this, we rely on internal and external advisors who are highly knowledgeable about accessibility and also understand the challenges of living with a visual impairment. Their invaluable feedback guides our development process, creating a better user experience for everyone.

How does xBand work?

The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth. When the phone receives a notification, like a text message or email, the text information will be sent to the wristband and converted into vibration patterns. Depending on your settings, the vibration pattern may contain information about the type of notification, who the sender is (if it is for example a text message) and the content of the notification. You can also use xBand to get the current time or date vibrated on your wrist, even without being connected to your phone.

To translate text into vibrations, xBand utilizes Morse code by default. However, to use xBand, there's no need to learn Morse code; one quickly learns to intuitively distinguish between different vibration messages and their meanings. But if you want to interpret entire text messages or write them on your xBand, you might have to practice some Morse code. Morse code is something most people can learn quickly and our mobile app has a Morse code training section where you can practice receiving text through vibrations and writing Morse code with xBand.

In our app you can also change settings like vibration speed and strength, and customize vibration patterns by adding your own abbreviations for different messages.

The device itself is a compact black, rectangular unit, about 4 cm long, 3 cm wide, and 1 cm high. It features two buttons on top with raised, tactile patterns for easy identification. The device connects to an elastic wristband for a secure and comfortable fit, allowing vibrations to be conveyed optimally. The vibration motors are carefully designed to convey detailed information, differentiating it from conventional smartwatches that may lack precision in their vibrational alerts.

Why Morse code?

The reason xBand employs Morse code is that it is an exceedingly simple communication system consisting solely of patterns of short and long signals. This simplicity makes it easy to differentiate between signals and learn the rhythmic codes for various letters and numbers. The Morse code encoding for letters is also optimized to generate the shortest possible messages by coding more common letters into shorter signal patterns.

What is the future of xBand?

There are countless possibilities for using tactile communication and transmitting information through vibrations. We are always exploring new xBand features and ways to enhance our technology. xBand will gain more features over time, including the potential for text input.

We were also named one of the winners in The PTS (The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority) innovation Competition 2023 - Communication for all. The award granted us funding to further develop our technology for individuals with visual impairments and deaf-blindness.

Want to now more?

Please contact us at team@xtactor.com or call our support: +46 70 014 58 63.