Main-founder Peter Idestam-Almquist and Co-founder Ante Larsson

A couple of years ago Peter Idestam-Almquist read about the product BrainPort and got really fascinated. BrainPort transfers pictures from a camera to a user through electrotactile stimulation of the user's tongue. The brain is plastic, and although you pass the visual information to the brain through the sense of touch, the brain can amazingly still interpret it as vision!

Peter studied results in neuroscience and found that our sense of touch can be used to send any type of information to our brains. He then wanted a device to transfer information from his smartphone to his brain through the sense of touch. He was looking for such a device, but couldn’t find any. Therefore, he built some prototypes himself together with his nephew Ante Larsson. They found that it was surprisingly easy to decode messages given as vibrations in Morse on the wrist. In 2018 they started Xtactor to make their technology available to everyone.