Workplace wellness


Are you spending long hours working in front of your computer screen? Concerned about maintaining your health and wellness during these extended periods of screen time? Here's how incorporating xBand into your daily routine can enhance your workplace wellness.

Non-intrusive notifications: Instead of getting noisy audio alerts, distracting you from your work and forcing you to pick up your phone to see if it was something important, xBand gives you the content of the notification through non-intrusive vibrations. Giving you the power to choose if the notification is important enough to shift your focus.

Subtle reminders: On the other hand, you can set up xBand to provide subtle reminders for things that are important for your well being, for example to stretch once every hour. When the designated time arrives, xBand gently vibrates on your wrist, prompting you to take a short break and perform stretching exercises.

Thanks to xBand, you can successfully maintain a healthier work-life balance, incorporating regular breaks into your workday without sacrificing productivity.

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