Be a testpilot for xBand with EMG

Do you live in Sweden and have a visual impairment or a combined visual and hearing impairment? We at xTactor are looking for individuals to participate in testing an exciting new technology for text input.

Our wristband, xBand, translates mobile notifications into vibration patterns on the wrist and also functions as a clock by vibrating the time. With xBand, you can receive notifications such as text messages and calendar reminders without the need to look at or listen to your phone. By using the buttons on the wristband, you can control various functions and even write text. Users with visual impairments who currently use xBand appreciate its ability to provide important information through discreet vibrations, without relying on visual or auditory cues from their mobile phones.

As one of the winners of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority's Innovation Competition 2023, we have received funding to further develop xBand with a new input technology that detects muscle tension in the fingers. This technology, called electromyography (EMG), enables the wristband to sense your finger movements. You will be able to write text messages and execute commands such as setting alarms and timers by making simple finger movements with just one hand, without using buttons or picking up your phone

We are currently seeking participants for our user tests, where you will have the opportunity to test xBand and the EMG technology in practice.

The tests will be conducted over two weeks in September. You will use xBand on your own, fill out a test form, and participate in a short interview. Everything is carried out remotely, and as a thank you for your participation, we offer a compensation of SEK 950.

If you are interested in participating in the tests, please fill out the contact form below. In the message box, indicate your interest in the user tests. We will then contact you with more information and details about the tests.

The last day for registration is August 15.

You can also contact us via email at or by phone at +46 70 014 58 63.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you as part of our testing program!

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