At a music event


When you attend karaoke nights and concerts with your friends, using your smartphone can be difficult in the loud, crowded environments. Fortunately, xBand, can make it easier and help you enjoy the evening.

Communication in a noisy environment: You have just arrived at the bar and are trying to push past the full line of people waiting for the toilet and get to the dance floor. Your friend text you saying they are in the far left corner of the bar. There would have been no chance of hearing your phone signal over the loud music or getting your phone out of your pocket in the crowded hallway. But thanks to xBand you get the message and can join up with your friend.

You've been dancing on the dance floor for hours, now you are starting to get thirsty. You can see that your friends are at the front of the line to the crowded bar. With a few simple presses on your xBand you send a message to your friends, asking them to buy you a cold beer.

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