Trouble shooting


xBand does not connect to your phone

Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on the phone, you are holding xBand close to the phone and xBand is on.

If xBand is not already in pairing mode, hold the Action button and release when you feel the third short vibration. xBand will then vibrate two short vibrations every 15 seconds.

Check that xBand is not already connected to another phone. Check this by pressing the Morse button quickly four times, if xBand vibrates two short followed by one long, xBand is already connected to a phone.

Check that xBand is not in standalone mode with Bluetooth disabled. Check this by pressing the Morse button quickly four times. If xBand vibrates three short, the Bluetooth on xBand is disabled. Enable it again by holding the Action button until you feel the second short vibration.

If none of the above works and you are using an iPhone:

1. Close the app.

2. Go to Bluetooth settings on the phone and forget the pairing to xBand.

3. Set xBand in pairing mode.

4. Open the app again.

xBand is unresponsive

If xBand is unresponsive and it can neither be turned on nor turned off, make sure xBand is charged.

If that does not help then: Reset xBand (see below).

If that does not help: Contact support.

Reset xBand

You reset xBand by holding down both buttons (both the Morse button and the Action button) for at least ten seconds and then release both buttons. After this you can try turning xBand on again.

Factory reset

If your xBand does not behave correctly and nothing else works you can try a factory reset. This will however delete all information stored on your xBand, such as alarms, timers, abbreviations, shortcodes and contacts.

You will find the factory reset option in the xBand action menu (three vertical dots) on the Home screen of the app if you are connected. xBand will then disconnect from your phone and you will have to redo the pairing to your phone.


If you need additional support you can contact us through the Help-menu in the app or by emailing us at

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