Introducing Text Message Summarization using GPT

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xBand gives you the ability to receive text messages and notifications through vibrations in Morse Code. With the power of Chat-GPT, the wristband can provide even more value by summarizing incoming text messages into just a few words.

Using Chat-GPT, a pre-trained natural language processing model, our backend can automatically summarize incoming text messages into brief and concise phrases that can be quickly and easily understood. This feature streamlines the process of reading and understanding text messages so that you can focus on all the other things in life without missing out on important messages.

Here are some examples, made by Chat-GPT, of longer text messages and their corresponding summarization in just 3-4 words:

"Hey, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. I haven't heard from you in a while and wanted to make sure everything's okay."
Checking on you

"Do you have any plans for the weekend? I was thinking we could go hiking or maybe check out that new restaurant in town."
Weekend plans, suggestions

"I can't make it to the party tonight, I'm feeling under the weather. Have fun though!"
Can't make it, sick

"Can you please pick up some milk and bread on your way home? We're running low and I won't have time to go to the store today."
Pick up milk, bread

"I need your help with something. Can we meet up later today or tomorrow? It shouldn't take too long, but I would really appreciate your help."
Need your help, meet

So, how does the process work? xBand catches text messages and other notifications as soon as they arrive on your smartphone. When an incoming text message is received, our backend passes it through a pre-trained Chat-GPT model to generate a summary that is within the desired length limit (for example, 3 words). The summary is then sent to the wristband for vibration in Morse Code.

In conclusion, the integration of Chat-GPT in xBand is one example of how the power of natural language processing can be harnessed to enhance user experiences and provide greater accessibility. With just a few words, xBand users can now quickly understand incoming text messages and stay connected without having to spend time reading through long texts.

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