Our Approach to Accessibility

Our Approach to Accessibility

Accessibility is a fundamental cornerstone of our technological vision. At xTactor, we believe that technology should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities. That's why we're dedicated to improving the accessibility of our products and making sure as many people as possible can use them.

We believe in communication beyond seeing and hearing. By using the expertise of individuals who already communicate with their smartphone using little or no sight we believe we can make technology better, not only for individuals with a visual impairment, but for everyone. That is why we have worked closely with advisors and test pilots with visual impairments to develop our product xBand.

Among other things, we have adopted a screen-reader-first design principle when developing our mobile application. With this approach we initiate the design process by thinking about how the structure and the flow of the user interface will appear to a screen reader. This has not only increased productivity by giving us a more structured way to think and communicate about design, it has also led to cleaner and more structured interfaces that are easier to navigate regardless if you use a screen reader or not.

Additionally, we have taken our commitment to accessibility a step further. Within our team, we have a dedicated accessibility analyst who continually tests and assesses the xBand app. Our in-house analyst evaluates every aspect of the app, from user interface design to compatibility with screen readers and other assistive technologies. This, combined with user feedback, enables us to consistently enhance xBand's accessibility and usability.

If you do however find any issues with our products (accessibility-related or not), please contact us at: team@xtactor.com

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