There are different scenarios where communication through the sense of touch is useful. Haptic feedback in a computer game or when you are controlling some machinery is useful to get a direct and intuitive feedback of what is happening in the physical or virtual world. A vibrating smartphone ask for your attention. However to transfer complex abstract information simple vibrations are not enough.

All information we would ever like to transfer from a smartphone can be described in text. Therefore we wanted to support arbitrary text messages to be sent from a smartphone to you via the sense of touch. Thus we needed some way to encode letters as vibration patterns. Then Morse code, which has been used for almost two hundred years, is a natural choice. Morse code is efficient since more common letters give shorter vibration patterns than less common letters.

While your smartwatch or smartphone only vibrates to get your attention, Xtactor smart wristband tells you why it wants your attention. It can tell you who is calling, who you have got a message from, the content of the message, that you have a meeting in 10 minutes, or whatever else information you are interested in. Everything as vibration patterns coded in Morse code.

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