You probably sent a lot of text messages from your smartphone. To do that you need to pick up your phone, open the appropriate app, find and select the contact you want to send the message to, and input the message by tapping on a small keyboard on the phone’s screen. With Xtactor smart wristband you don’t have to pick up your phone!

You can send a text message by only tapping on your Xtactor wristband. You input the message in Morse code, which is easy to learn. The wristband has two discrete buttons representing a dot and a dash. The two distinct buttons make it easier to input the Morse code.

For short text messages, it is easier to tap them in Morse code on your wristband than to use your smartphone, which makes Xtactor smart wristband perfect for instant messaging. For example, I can easily tap the Morse code for “MJS COFFEE?”, where “M” is the command for sending a text message, “JS” is my abbreviation for my friend Jozef Swiatycki, to whom I want to send the message, and “COFFEE?” is the message (I wonder if he would like to have a cup of coffee with me).

It is very common with abbreviations both in instant messaging and when using Morse code. It will be interesting to see if any common Morse code abbreviations will be used when creating instant messages by tapping Morse code on a wristband. Two useful Morse code abbreviations are, for example, 73 for “Best regards” and 88 for “Love and kisses”.