Smart wearable product

Xtactor is a smart wearable product that gives you information from your smartphone as vibration patterns. Sense all important information directly on your wrist!

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Xtactor’s smart wearable product sends you the current time as a vibration pattern at an adjustable time interval. To decode the time you only need to know the vibration patterns of the ten digits, which are very intuitive, and easy to learn.

Xtactor’s smart wearable product vibrates when you have an incoming call. The vibration pattern not only tells you that there is a call but also who is calling. You can decide whether to answer or not without having to look on your watch or phone.

Xtactor mobile app includes a connector to the IFTTT platform, which is the world-leading platform to get different apps and devices to work together. Therefore, with Xtactor wristband you can receive information from and control a huge number of apps, online services, and devices.

Whenever some of your apps want to notify you of something, you can get that notification as a vibration pattern on your wristband. Not just that you got a notification, but which app sent the notification, and if you want, parts of or the whole notification message.

Xtactor wristband forwards incoming text messages as vibration patterns on your wrist; who the sender is, and parts of or the complete message. Each letter has its unique vibration pattern, and it is easier than you might think to decode short messages like “CU” (see you).


The purpose of Xtactor is to give you the information in a new way, which gives you the experience of having a new sense.

Similar products, like smartwatches, uses vibrations to request your attention. You have learned what this vibration means and move your wrist, neck, and eyes instinctively to check the message. The Xtactor wristband gives you the message directly in the vibration. This does not only remove the active action which requires your attention, but it also enables your brain to learn the patterns and decode the information instinctively. After some practice, your brain can understand complex patterns and process them automatically. Your new sense is unlocked! You will just know the time, who is calling, or even the contents of a text message.

Xtactor connects your phone to your brain!