Our Core Values


We are curious about the latest research, including neuroscience, the latest technical innovations,and wild ideas, so we can develop innovative technical solutions to give our customers new excitinguser experiences.


We work for equality, both at our workplaces and generally in the world, by including people ofdifferent gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disabilities.


We take responsibility for our actions, products, services and impact on the environment towardsour customers, our employees, society at large and future generations.


We are transparent and honest with what we do and why we do it.

UN Agenda 2030

We strive for sustainable development and are committed to contribute to the implementation of the UN Agenda 2030. By being curious, striving for constant technological advancements and fostering good relationships with researchers, governments and civil society we can contribute towards both SGD 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure and SGD 17 - Partnerships for the goals.