How does Xtactor work?

The Xtactor wristband has an accompanying mobile app that catches events on your mobile phone and sends information about the event to the wristband. The wristband then transfers information about the event to you by vibrations in Morse code on your wrist. An event could be a phone call, text message, app notification etc. The basic functionality of the wristband can be used by learning just a few letterns in Morse code.

Why Morse code?

We want to be able to transmit text as vibration patterns. We could then use any existing encoding scheme, but we have chosen Morse code since it is efficient, easy to learn and widely used. Morse code has been used for over 150 years and is used by the military as fall back communication.

Morse code is surprisingly easy to learn. The alphabet and numbers can be learned in an hour, but for most people it takes a couple of hours.

xtactor smart wristband


The Xtactor app has a built-in training program. It is designed to take the user from the basic functionality, and get the user up and running quickly, to learn long and complex words. The training highly encourages speed increases.

Just by using the Xtactor in day-to-day life, the brain will learn to subconsciously decode these messages without your attention and you will just know the information sent to you.