We’ve been inspired by the biohacking product North Sense, which when attached to the chest vibrates upon facing magnetic north. North Sense is an interesting product not only because it is a compass you carry attached to your body, but mainly because of how it changes your brain. It gives you an experience of having a new sense. A sense that makes you aware of which way is north, without even having to think about it!

In a similar way, Xtactor smart wristband can give you a new sense of time. Xtactor sends you the current time as a vibration pattern following Morse code standards at an adjustable time interval. Initially decoding the vibration pattern into a message that tells you the time will require your full attention. But over time your brain gets used to the vibration patterns and their meaning which makes decoding a message almost instinctive.

With Xtactor you can unlock the ability to know the approximate current time without having to look at a watch. Isn’t that cool?!