The fastest and easiest way to control your digital life

The fastest and easiest way to control your digital life

With xBand you can control your smart home and so much more including Spotify, Sonos, Philips hue, Google Nest, ring, lifx and twitter.

The xBand can be used for anything but it excels at sending and receiving short messages. “L” could mean turn on the lights in the living room, “S” could start playing music and why not have it tell you that is it going to rain today by sending an “R”. Short messages are fast and easy and with xBand on your wrist. 

We do not believe in locking in users into "ecosystems", technology should never be a limitation. We will develop as many integrations as we can and have started with the most versatile solutions: IFTTT, HTTP and soon Android API.

IFTTT is an easy, zero coding, solution to connect services and devices from a lot of companies and the scenarios above can be set up within minutes. On IFTTT you build what they call “Applets” which contain a trigger and an action. For example, the applet; “IF “S” is sent from xBand skip the current playing song on Spotify” contains the xBand trigger: “S” and the Spotify action skip song.

If you are like us and want to build your own solutions we have built an HTTP interface. You can send messages to your own server and even send messages to the xBand over simple HTTP GET requests.

To enable even more control we will soon release an intent-based Android API which will make it possible to have fine control over the vibrations. Other apps on your phone will be able to control the xBand making it possible to build apps like a metronome or games that incorporate the vibrations on the xBand.

What will you build with the xBand? What future integrations are you looking forward to? Tell us below in the comments!

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