How to set up IFTTT

How to set up IFTTT

This guide walks you through how to connect your xBand to IFTTT and how our triggers and actions work.

Connect to IFTTT

  1. Create an IFTTT account on
  2. Go to or search for "Xtactor" under the explore tab and press "Connect".
  3. Login or create an Xtactor account.
  4. Open the Xtactor app and go to Settings>IFTTT and press "Connect".
  5. Login.
    IMPORTANT: Use the same credentials as you did when you connected to Xtactor on the IFTTT site or app. If you for example logged in with Google do it in both places and with the same Google account. Otherwise, the Xtactor app and IFTTT will not be connected.
  6. Use IFTTTs website or app to create your own applets or just use the ones we have already created on

Xtactor service

Our service has premade applets that you can just activate. To create your own go to Create and use one of Xtactor’s two triggers or the action.


Xtactor command is simple but less powerful than the extended trigger. This trigger is activated by sending an “I” from the xBand followed by your trigger for a specific applet, for example, “S”.

Xtactor extended command works the same way but has the possibility to add ingredients. Ingredients are pieces of data from a Trigger. Adding ingredients allows you to make your commands more flexible. The ingredients can affect the triggered action. Like "I S BLUE" to play the song blue on Spotify!


To create this applet we choose the short name “S” and that the trigger should expect one ingredient. This means that the Xtactor app will wait until you have finished one ingredient before sending the trigger to IFTTT.

We choose the Android action “Play a specific song” and use Indredient1 from the Xtactor trigger.

When we enter “I S BLUE” on the xBand the “S” is interpreted as the shortname and “BLUE” as Ingredient1. The action will fire searching for a song titled “BLUE” in your default music app and playing it.


The Xtactor Action is very simple, you send a message to your wristband. 


To make this applet we use Weather Underground’s trigger “Current condition changes to” and set the condition to “Rain” and enter our location.

And we set up the Xtactor Action to send “RAIN”.

If you have some questions ask them below! Maybe other people have the same ones.

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