The Team

We have backgrounds from Stockholm University and the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Peter Idestam-Almquist Founder and CEO

Ante Larsson Co-founder and Hardware Developer

Tobias Beck Crowdfunding Manager

Daniel Fors Software Developer

Andreas Berg Software Developer

Kristina Elmgren Software Developer

Johanna Jennekvist Software Developer

Jonas Lythell Photo and Video Director

Advisory Board

We are very happy to have an advisory board with a lot of expertise and experience.

Klas Magnusson Senior Business Developer, The Innovation Office, Stockholm University

Jonas Angleflod Head of SME Business Nordics, UC

Patrik von Bergen CMO, Tobii Tech

Åsa Holmström Interim Executive Manager

Sven Hammar Founder, Apica Systems

Patrik Merup Former Head of Development and Sales, SEB

Torsten Allqvie Former Acting Head of Banking Sweden, Nordea